The Scientist

by Infinity Interrupt

Released 2016
One over Zer0 Records
Released 2016
One over Zer0 Records
The soundtrack to research your mind. Electronic music to discover new listening experiences. Explore the digital universe through sonic conciousness.
This album is a change from the heavy electronic industrial sound that Infinity Interruptt is known for. The Scientist was composed and recorded during the final week of February 2016, as an exscape from the day job. It is has similar sound of Noise Unit, Synesthesia, Aphex Twin and fits in the EDM/IDM genre. The songs were based from simple sequneces and loops to create complex layers to explore sonic research. There is a remix of the song Systems by Chicago based Hip Hop producer Calabre.


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The beautiful, the profane. Born from fire, we are destroyers. Heavy electronic industrial music from Chicago.

Created by Jacob Fisher and Jason Walker.





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