Salvaged Mixes

by Infinity Interrupt

Released 2017
Released 2017
Salvaged Mixes is a compliation of found, forgotten, remixed, salvaged and scavenged songs. This release continues the Heavy Electro Industrial sound that Infinity Interrupt is known for.
Salvaged Mixes is a compliation of unreleased, remixes and found songs from Infinity Interrupt's vault. A few of these songs are remixes of Zero Interrupt from the debute album Antarctica Starts Here, released many many many years ago. A few songs are unreleased songs from Hybrid Still LIfe, released 2005. Songs like Doesn't Make Sense and PlayMaker are newer songs that are finally being released. The songs on this album all fall with in the Heavy Electro Industial genre. Heavly influnece by the Chicago Wax Trax sound, Infinity Interrupt continues to explore new and original soundscapes and rhythms.


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The beautiful, the profane. Born from fire, we are destroyers. Heavy electronic industrial music from Chicago.

Created by Jacob Fisher and Jason Walker.





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