Antarctica Starts Here

by Infinity Interrupt

Released 2002
One over Zer0 Records
Released 2002
One over Zer0 Records
Heavy Electro Industrial from Chicago, influnced by the WaxTrax sound. Original self released in 2002.
Antarctica Starts Here is Infinity Interrupt's first album. Originally self released in 2002. It is heavily influenced by the Chicago Industrial scene, most importantly Wax Trax records and all legendary band. It also has a strong cyberpunk sound found from Neuromancer written by William Gibson. Antarctica Starts Here was created with strong use of analog synthesizers and digital samplers. Infinity Interrupt has been described as a futuristic use of modern technology. These 11 songs have strong EBM movement and can destroy any dance floor.


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The beautiful, the profane. Born from fire, we are destroyers. Heavy electronic industrial music from Chicago.

Created by Jacob Fisher and Jason Walker.





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